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Hey guys!
    I know I'm not alone, not satisfied with Thane's appearance in Mass Effect 3 - Namely and mainly: One conversation, even while in romance! I even have an impression, that the non-romance dialogues were BETTER than romance ones! That's just unfair..
    I don't want to cry about his death. (Well I did cry - don't tell me you didn't cry during ME3 once! And I don't mean something like angry tears seeing the ending. I'm not gonna talk about endings, because everyone talks about endings! I want to talk about Thane.) BioWare would sell him pretty cheap if they just found cure, let Thane live happily ever after and just let it be. I would be upset as I am now. But, there was time when I planned perfect life together, including children and stuff, though I always knew it won't happen. Then I got an idea, of a perfect ending to them. Something that is possible to have in the game and I would like to have it there.
    It wasn't in the game, though it doesn't mean I cannot share it with you guys and demand your opinion. What do you think about my Thane/Shep ending?


    Thane didn't want to be in the hospital any longer, he traveled to the Gryssom Academy. After the Reaper invasion, it's being reconstructed. He wanted to help the children there and maybe even die there under the work effort. There were rumours that Shepard is dead and only thing keeping him alive was his son, that found a girlfriend and didn't have time for father anymore... Shepard wasn't dead of course, Alliance found her very badly injured body and 'repaired' it.

     She wanted to see Thane, she needed to see him. Doctors wasn't up for the thought of her going away from the hospital, but she was uncompromising. She found that Thane was at Gryssom's and headed there. In the academy, she went directly to the principal, Kahlee Sanders, to find him. While being there, something happened. Alert. Explosives that Cerberus left there the last time. Until they figured out what's happening, supporting pillars of the academy blew up and whole place was about to fall apart.
    Priority was to save the children. Ones, that were farther from the center of building, were safe. But there was still one group of
volunteers right in the heart of builing. Shepard ran right there, didn't care about parts of ceiling falling next to her, just wanted to
reach the class until it's too late. When she arrived there, children were already running out of the door. She stopped one and asked if
anyone is still inside. There were still few students and 'the man that was helping them'.

     Shepard told the children where to go and what to do and entered the room. There was still one child, hidden right next to
the statue of Mr. Gryssom, founder of the academy, and there was Thane, right in front of the door. He was trying to make some kind of false ceiling above to make a safe path for the child. But something always fell through, his biotics weren't strong enough. Shepard didn't waste a second. Stood next to Thane and strengthened his biotics with hers. Child was still too afraid to move, but there was not much time. She told Thane to go there, to save the child, that she will hold the barrier as long as possible. Thane ran for the boy, took his hand and wanted to go back, but then he saw high statue near them falling. He ordered the boy to run and so he did. Thane was holding the statue, and knew he won't last long. He looked at Shepard with apologize and wanted to say his last goodbye. But Shepard knew that she wouldn't stand seeing him die. Not ever! She ran with her arms above her head right between Thane and the statue, right when it started falling directly to the floor. She pushed Thane away but for that large statue it was just too late to stop, and it fell on her. It hit her head and wounded her neck badly.
     Thane ran to her, with biotics stronger then before cleared Shepard from pieces of broken statue and fell on his knees. With her in his arms he saw Shepard opening her eyes again, looking at him with amused smile on her face, but also blood all over it. In her
blond hair, over her lips and new scars covering her cheeks from all the things that fell on her at once. He brushed the blood away and
kissed her. "Why did you do that?!" She smirked. "I wanted to have better score than y-- *cough*" He kissed her again eagerly. "You
foolish, foolish.." tears started rolling down his face. "I think you fell in love with that foolish woman..." she said, filling her lungs
very painfully. He cried knowing that he cannot help her. "But it shoul've been me. I should have died. Why did you--" She stopped him
from talking. "I love you Thane... Meet you across the sea." she bearly whispered and then let her body weakened into his arms.
     Thane, crying, unable to do anything that would bring her back, sat there, holding her a waiting for another statue that would fall at him too. Then he heared another little crying being, somewhere near. All this place was about to fall apart and he couldn't let another soul die in there. Little girl was hidden in the corner, she had blond hair, luminously turquoise eyes and circle face. She reminded him Shepard incredibly. He needed to save her, to get her out of there and give her the chance to grow up and be protecting angel to someone, as Shepard was to him. He took the girl and lifted her in his hands, running with her to the door. Thane let her down and told her to run. Until she disappeared in the distance, he was keeping debris from her, making sure she was safe. After that, he let his body knee once again next to the body of his commander and lover, and kissed her closed eyes. "We shall meet again.." he said, right before whole place fell and took away his life sending it somewhere to the ocean...
I put the main things above the text, to make sure you see it xD

If you have your own Thane/Shep ending make sure to share it with me! :hug:


NOTE: All I wanted there was this: Shepard dies saving Thane, even knowing that he has just so little time to live. But she just couldn't stand losing him and if something like that happened ever again, she would do the same. :heart:

PS: Please! Any grammar mistakes - Don't ignore anymore, but report to moi! I'm trying to get better in english and I learn everyday doing things like that. Thank you ~

ALSO: Hold the line lieutenant!


:bulletorange: Mass Effect game, characters, sh**ty endings and badly written Thane-romance dialogues belong to BioWare :P
:bulletgreen: Kasey J. Shepard belongs to me
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LittleLauraCo Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
Yay!!! I'm so glad you posted this ;D I absolutely love it <3
Keashii Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well it was your support that made me post it, share it with people and ask for more opinions :hug:

Thx a lot :thanks:
LittleLauraCo Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012
aw ^_^ I'm happy I could help. That's what I love about the DA community, we all get to support each other and encourage each other.
Keashii Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's so true! :)
LadyVedder Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I've had issues since the first time I invested any amount playing ME 3. For me, it was Mordin's sacrifice. That's what started the waterworks. I cried like something terrible. It wasn't till two missions or so, Thane past away. That was my breaking point. I turned off the game and refused to have anything at all to do with it for over a week. I eventually pulled my head out of my ass, and started up my alternate Shepard I played with since the release of the original game which consequently romanced Garrus, thinking 'okay, this has GOT to be better' Boy was I ever wrong.

I gritted my teeth, knowing Mordin and Thane's outcome and pushed onward for the conclusion of the game. That's when, yet again, bioware fucked me out of one of my all time favorite characters, Legion. Ah man, I cried AGAIN. And by that point, I was ready to seriously say FU! And never see the ending for myself. But... I forced myself to play more. Then the one part about the rachni queen... haha, at that point when I saw Grunt fall over the edge of the cliff with all the swarms on him, I was screaming through blurred vision, "YOU ARE NOT TAKING GRUNT AWAY FROM ME TOO YOU MF'ERS!" But then he came stumbling out asking about food, I cried even harder! This time with tears of relief.

Geeze... so I get to the end. And I might say, Garrus is probably the 2nd best LI in mass effect even worthy of Shep's affections. I was somewhat happy for Riza Shepard, but I was still jaded because I didn't have the guts to play with my true Shepard that romanced Thane to start with. Well... the end happens and I'm sitting there on the bed.... red rimmed eyes, my emotions raw. I was fit to be tied. I was so pissed off. So heart broken that i didn't know if I was coming or going. It took me several days to calm down. To recollect myself I guess you can say. And that's when I finally came to the conclusion

Although Thane is not there, I felt that my Shepard wanted it that way. Yes, I finally played with her character and chose to give her the green ending where she too, sacrifices herself. The way I see it, she's with Thane. No matter what bioware does, they can no longer come between my Shepard and Thane's love. They are finally at peace <3

Haha, funny I should say that and it's not two days later that Bioware releases to the press that they will be "addressing" the backlash to their ending stating in somewhat jumbled words that there would either be a more detailed explanation to the ending or a DLC. Yeah... that seriously figures. I'm fine with the ending, but now they are gonna change it. Pffttt!!! I give up even trying to comprehend them anymore.
Keashii Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Soooo true!

When Mordin died, I pulled myself together like: You sacrifised yourself for a grater good. For saving the krogan. -- When Legion died, I felt like this too. I was like: I know this is the best ending I could get for the geth/quarian war..

But when Thane died... I totally refused doing any more side missions. I was headed to the endings, decided that my Shep will die, no matter what. And so I did, I played Mass Effect game like that! I would same it is almost a crime, not to play Mass Effect and enjoy it all - conversations, romances, even missions..

I have no comment for it all, nothing that can describe.. I was like if my love failed me and couldn't do anything.. Just wish them two peace across the sea and dream about better end to their love than was in the game..
keokotheshadowfang Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I honestly think that they did cut Thane's ending short. Thane/Shep's romance is probably one of my favorite pairings in the world. Its so beautiful and tragic. I was sad when I found out he died in ME3 (I was hoping Bioware would have the courtesy to allude to his death AFTER ME3. I didn't want to see it T.T) But I thought about it from an asari's perspective, This was how they must feel when they partner with a short lived species. How sad.

As for the story, I liked it a lot. The format of the story was a little hard to read (but I'll blame DA for that)
Keashii Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not that I wouldn't be glad to have Thane alive, but after ME3 i was like - ANYTHING BUT THAT..

And - I'll try to make something with the format... You mean the short lines during the story itself?

Anyway, I'm glad you like it :thanks:
keokotheshadowfang Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really? I would have been okay with those player cards that bioware did at the end of Dragon Age, just so long as I didn't have to SEE him die.

Yup that is what I meant by the format.
Keashii Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fixed ^^

I like that about DAO, but for Thane's death... I was more like: If he has to die, let it be with my Shepard. In her arms. I want to cry with her.

Instead, my Shepard bearly made a sad face and everyone else was just the same :/
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